I suppose I don’t know where this blog will lead me. But I never thought I’d be writing about kitchenware. By now if you’ve read some of my posts you will know I’m fond of Asia and design. So the melding of the two is a bonus. I recently found a kitchenware range manufactured by a Korean craftsman Kim Soo-Young in collaboration with designer Gio Kisang. It highlights Korean crafts at its best.


The collection consists of a range of bowls in various sizes and simple spoons. All the items are made from brass. Kim Soo-Young manufactures the items in his studio from scratch. He melts the brass and pours it into moulds. He then shapes and finishes the products on a lathe. The products need a lot of skill, patience and intense heat to get them just right. A film made by Nils Clauss, a cinematographer and photographer based in Seoul, highlights these aspects of the collection.

Kim_Soo-Young_Brass Bowls


Nils Clauss created the film to pay homage to Korean crafts and Kim Soo-Young who won the YEOL Award for craftsmanship in 2013. YEOL is an organisation in South Korea that celebrates Korean heritage and preservation. Brass is a symbol of sophistication in Korean culture. The collection is simple, and the contrast between matte and shine creates a precious and unique look. The film highlights the intense heat that is needed to mould the forms. This contrasts with scenes of the harsh Korean winter. Hahn Dae-Soo a Korean folk singer narrates the film. He recites a poem by Yoon Jiyeong who was inspired by the film.



This collaboration by craftsman, designer, cinematographer and poet creates an intense and beautiful melding of art and nature in its raw form. I love that each piece is handmade and has a connection with the manufacturer. I know each and every single one of these pieces would do quite well in our white, clean kitchen at home. Watch the short film below and enjoy the artistry!



Kim Soo_Young_Brass_kitcheware_set



All images are courtesy of Nils Clauss and copyright © 2016