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Superbalist 100 Innovators

The Superbalist 100 innovators is here again! What is the Superbalist 100 you ask? It’s a list created by the online fashion business Superbalist. It features the top 100 South African innovators creating waves in their industries. The public can ‘vote up’ their favourites and the winner will receive R100 000 in prize money.

Superbalist is an online platform that brings South Africans the best of international and local trends. It provides everything from fashion, home ware and accessories to a youthful audience looking for something on trend and unique.

The Superbalist 100 has 6 sectors: Social Initiatives, Fashion, Creatives, Media, Tech and Business. Here are my Top 9 picks.

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Seoul Street Style

I think it’s about time I did a travel post. Well this is actually a travel and fashion post because… why not. When I left for South Korea in 2012 I wasn’t thinking about fashion. My thoughts on that flight ranged from would the North Koreans attack and we’d all die? To would I survive the apocalyptic Korean winter? (I did, but only just).

Denim in Seoul

Culture Shock

Before I left people said I’d experience various forms of culture shock. I was away from home in a strange country, with a culture very different from my own. I kept waiting for this ‘shock’ to set in. It didn’t. What did happen was that I fell in love with the Korean people and their style. Oh man these people can dress! Soon my eyes were open to a world where couples match at all times, trainers went with everything, and androgyny was the order of the day.

Seoul Couple Street Style

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