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My sister and I went to see the film Lion this week. It’s the true story of a five-year-old boy, Saroo, who is separated from his family at the Khandwa train station in India. He falls asleep in a train car and travels 1500km to land up in Calcutta where he survives for weeks on his own. Then by some miracle, he is adopted by an Australian couple and begins his new life in Tasmania. Twenty-five years later, the grown up Saroo starts having flashbacks about where he really comes from and embarks on a mission, with the help of Google Earth, to find his birth mother.

lion movie poster 2017

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Spanish Animation in the Short Film ‘Alma’

If I say ‘animation’ what do you think of? I’m going to guess you’re not thinking of Spanish animation. Or creepy Spanish animation at that. I found a creepy short animation film by Rodrigo Blaas. Blaas is a Spanish animator who used to work for Pixar. He is known for his work on Wall-E, Finding Nemo and Up. But not many know him for his short films and personal projects.

In 2009 he created a short film called Alma. Blaas created it independently and released it to the world on Vimeo. He had no idea it would go viral and win awards all over the world. It’s a dark, quirky nightmarish short film that will want to make you get rid of any dolls and stuffed toys you may still treasure. It’s also… brilliant.

alma 2009 short film by Rodrigo Blass

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Steven Spielberg’s screen adaption of Roald Dahl’s 1982 beloved story The BFG won’t go down in history for being Spielberg’s greatest work. Competing with E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan and Minority Report it has a lot to live up to. Yet, I don’t think Spielberg intended it to be this way.

The BFG Film Poster

The BFG Film Poster

I have been re-tweeting every post from Disney about the upcoming film. Its release this weekend was much anticipated. I wasn’t disappointed, but I knew I wasn’t going to be. I’m an avid Roald Dahl and Disney fan and the film was just how it should’ve been. I believe (and have read) a lot of people were expecting an action packed, edge of your seat, hold your breath type of film. I’m afraid those people will be disappointed.

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