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Bralettes for Summer

I hate bras. It’s true. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to go running around like Kirsten Dunst in the movie Crazy Beautiful (there was nothing cool about her lack of support, nothing). However, I find most bras utterly disgusting in design, pattern and comfort. I suppose I’ve always been one for simple things. I don’t do frills and spills, especially not on underwear. So in these trying times have found solace in the ‘bralette’. The perfect bra with no wires, no moulded cups and provides the perfect amount of support to hold everything in.

Brook There Underwear

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Margot Molyneux

Weird hot and cold weather. Check. Watery red eyes. Check. Constant runny nose. Check. Random sneezing attacks at inopportune moments (like on De Waal Drive). Check. People, I am pleased to announce my allergy radar is spot on. It would seem summer is coming. Thank goodness!

Linen wrap dress Margot Molyneux

Well the stars were aligned because this week the South African fashion label Margot Molyneux launched their SS17 collection entitled Noa. How wonderful that it coincided with payday! The collection is everything I love about the brand and summer fashion.

Tie Top Navy Margot Molyneux

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Seoul Street Style

I think it’s about time I did a travel post. Well this is actually a travel and fashion post because… why not. When I left for South Korea in 2012 I wasn’t thinking about fashion. My thoughts on that flight ranged from would the North Koreans attack and we’d all die? To would I survive the apocalyptic Korean winter? (I did, but only just).

Denim in Seoul

Culture Shock

Before I left people said I’d experience various forms of culture shock. I was away from home in a strange country, with a culture very different from my own. I kept waiting for this ‘shock’ to set in. It didn’t. What did happen was that I fell in love with the Korean people and their style. Oh man these people can dress! Soon my eyes were open to a world where couples match at all times, trainers went with everything, and androgyny was the order of the day.

Seoul Couple Street Style

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The Post-Couture Collective

I have this image in my head of myself swanning into a Burberry Store. Walking around like I own the place. Then casually purchasing the famous Burberry Heritage Trench Coat (the Kensington style please). Ok, back to reality, the chances of this happening are as likely as my dog Baxter giving up Biltong. For most people that belong to my generation or younger, shopping at high-end fashion stores just isn’t and option…yet! So how do we keep up with the constantly changing trends?

mphvs ONE / OFF Dress by The Post-Couture Collective.

mphvs ONE / OFF Dress by The Post-Couture Collective.

Let’s face it; trends in the fashion industry are on fast-forward. What’s on trend today will be cringe worthy tomorrow. With social media platforms like Instagram, we can post selfies of ourselves wearing the latest H&M ensemble. But we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same thing in our next selfie! The horror! So we need more options, and the fashion industry has obliged. Brands like Cotton On, H&M, Topshop and Forever 21 are just some of the fast fashion retailers that produce on trend clothing at affordable prices. One can quite easily walk into Cotton On tomorrow and buy 5 T-shirts in differing colours and end up wearing only two. Ever. It doesn’t matter because they won’t last. They’re so cheap we don’t agonise over spending ridiculous amounts of money on one little T-shirt. They’re just disposable. You only need to experience the frenzied oestrogen levels in H&M aisles once to know what I’m talking about.

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