I hate bras. It’s true. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to go running around like Kirsten Dunst in the movie Crazy Beautiful (there was nothing cool about her lack of support, nothing). However, I find most bras utterly disgusting in design, pattern and comfort. I suppose I’ve always been one for simple things. I don’t do frills and spills, especially not on underwear. So in these trying times have found solace in the ‘bralette’. The perfect bra with no wires, no moulded cups and provides the perfect amount of support to hold everything in.

Brook There Underwear

In my quest to find the perfect bralette, especially now that summer is here and the wardrobe desperately needs a spring clean. These are some winners I’ve found:

Brook There

Brook There is a US lingerie brand that focuses on comfort and confidence.

“Comfort is primary- confidence comes from being comfortable in your skin and your clothing- and confidence is the underpinning of beauty in every form. It’s the freedom of feeling good in your skin and never noticing your clothing. Your clothing doesn’t need to reshape you into something you are not. It just needs to provide warmth and support and cover you up when that’s what you would like.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself. Brook There uses pure cotton and silk to make their garments and produces every item with a very low impact on the environment. Their soft colour palettes and simplistic designs are what make this brand one of my favourites for underwear.

Marble organic bra set




Woolworth Geo Lace Bralette

This is a steal! For only R180 this bralette comes in black and pink, it’s surprisingly comfortable and the lace is actually quite pretty (which is saying a lot coming from me). I was so impressed I bought 3 of them and I haven’t worn anything else since. Perfect for those hot summer days when a thin T-shirt and a loose pair of denim shorts is all that’s needed.

Pink woolworths bralette

woolworths black bralette

black woolworths bralette

Free People You Pretty Thing Bra (available on Asos)

My favourite thing about this bra is the fact that there isn’t a single ribbon to be seen (at last) and the back detail is really lovely, but still very simple and unique. To me, this bra is the perfect balance between femininity and tomboy cheekiness. The shape is such that it could almost be a sports bra, however, with the bold lines that outline the bust and the flower details it still has a very chic feminine look. It’s ultra thin so you won’t feel like you’re wearing a bulletproof vest, and there is no clip at the back, you just slip it on. Bonus!

Free People You Pretty Thing Bra

Free People You Pretty Thing Bra

Free People You Pretty Thing Bra

Blossom Triangle Bra in Chartreuse (available on Asos)

I absolutely love this colour. The bra is so simple and perfectly put together that I can even excuse the two ribbons on each strap. I love the sheer tulle inserts that run across the inner bust and the ruffled straps and under-band. It really is quite beautiful. For £18 it really isn’t too bad. It’s cheaper than a bikini, and I’d probably wear this as a bikini seeing as you have to take out a loan to buy 2 pieces of material to swim in these days! It also comes with the cutest pair of ‘french knickers’ for only £10! Merry Christmas to me!

ASOS Blossom Triangle Set in Chartreuse

ASOS Blossom Triangle Set in Chartreuse

ASOS Blossom Triangle Set in Chartreuse

ASOS Blossom Triangle Set in Chartreuse

Pieces Amalia Velvet Bralette (available on Asos)

Because, why not have velvet underwear. This might be a better option for winter, however, this deep red velvet bra is everything that I love in a bra. Simple, no frills and no back clip. And it’s red velvet! You can’t beat that to make you feel like 100 bucks. It also comes in a lovely rose pink and you can also get a matching high waist brief. Just something a little different. Definitely hand wash only though!

Pieces Amalia Velvet Lingerie Set in Red

Pieces Amalia Velvet Lingerie Set in Red

Pieces Amalia Velvet Lingerie Set in Red

Pieces Amalia Velvet Lingerie Set

And I’m afraid those are the only bras worth mentioning in my books. Yes, I’m very fussy when it comes to undergarments. But hey, comfort = confidence so there you have it. Seen any lovely bralettes recently? Let me know and I’ll include them in the list!