I’m new to the world of blogging. I’m not even in ‘blogging kindergarten’ yet. The most important and valuable thing I’ve learnt so far is to read other blogs. Look at what the pros are doing. I find it inspiring and something to work towards. I read A LOT of lovely blogs and my email feed is jam packed with newsletters. It’s been helpful on this little project of mine.

In this post I thought I would share some of my favourite and inspirational blogs. Perhaps you know some of them, perhaps you don’t. In any case, these are my favourites. Let’s start with a proudly South African one!

Miss Moss by Diana Moss

If you’re from South Africa and take an interest in art and design then you know this blog. Diana Moss started her blog as a way to share her love of visual pleasures in 2009. Since then it’s grown to be one of the best and well known blogs in South Africa. I feel attached to this blog because like me, it’s a way for Diana to share her love and thoughts with the world. The content is well curated and her images always blow me away. Her posts are short (I’m working on it!) and attention grabbing. She calls it her “compendium of radness” and it’s nothing short of rad.

The Homepage of Miss Moss.

The Homepage of Miss Moss blog.


If I (in some weird parallel universe) am reincarnated into a publication, it would be this one. Clean, simple, and minimalist. Minimalissimo is an online magazine rather than a blog. Its articles are about minimalist design. It aims to give its readers a “diverse understanding of minimalism”. It writes about design in the spheres of art, architecture, fashion, furniture and product design. Their monochromatic, user friendly website projects their minimalist thought. I find myself looking forward to their articles every week. I think in such a complicated world it’s nice to look forward to something simple. I also want to buy everything they write about so I can put it in my white, simplistic (imaginary) house one day.

The Homepage of Minimalissiomo.

The Homepage of Minimalissimo online publication.


The Funnelogy Channel by Gabriella Zanzanaini and Nicolas Petit

Funnelogy means “1. The science of understanding the world we live in while having fun. 2. The art of funneling multiple stories through our own lenses”. This is the philosophy of the writers Nico and Gabi. The ‘channel’ part emphasises the importance of sharing their experiences. Nico and Gabi started their blog two years ago when they quit their jobs and went on a travel adventure. The adventure was eating their way through Eurasia. Travelling to eat is, in my opinion, one of the greatest reasons to travel. Through a country’s food, and eating culture you can learn more about its people. Every month they also publish “The Funnelworthy List.” A list of good things to “read, eat, make and explore”. It’s fun, unique and a little quirkier than your average travel blog.

The Homepage of The Funnelogy Channel.

The Homepage of The Funnelogy Channel blog.


FemmeHead by Victoria Jones

You know the saying “my body, my temple?” Well this blog epitomises that. Victoria writes about all things menstrual (yip I said it, MENSTURAL). She also writes about body literacy. She concentrates on women issues that we often don’t talk about or are too embarrassed to. Even with our girlfriends. Everything we put into and on our bodies affects us. Everything. For women, our menstrual cycles (said it again) can wreak havoc on our bodies if we don’t take care of them. If you want to know about something that’s happening in your body, I can bet this blog has dealt with it.  It’s refreshing, honest and something we should talk about whenever and wherever we want. FemmeHead also has an insightful Youtube Channel. In Victoria’s words “I believe in the power of knowledge, in the beautiful, magical, “holy crap” power of body literacy”. Amen!

The Homepage of FemmeHead.

The Homepage of FemmeHead blog.


Reading My Tea Leaves by Erin Boyle

Having a terrible day? Feel like the world is going to end? Then you should head over to this blog. I always feel relaxed when I’m reading Erin’s articles. Maybe it’s because there is ‘tea’ in the heading (I love tea, chamomile with LOTS of honey please!) Or maybe it’s the simplicity of life that Erin writes about. All her articles are about simple and sustainable living. My favourite posts are her “My Week in Objects (Mostly).” In these posts she takes photos of little things that have made her happy or contemplative from the week. You can find images of her daughter’s sandals, to soft, spreadable butter in these posts. It makes me look at my own surroundings and what I can be grateful for.

The Homepage of Reading My Tea Leaves.

The Homepage of Reading My Tea Leaves blog.

So that’s part 1 of my favourite blogs. Stick around for part 2 soon!